An old fashioned horse and sleigh winter experience


We are travelling behind steamy horses in a landscape of frosen lakes and marches, the same way it was done many hundred years ago. It was the time before roads and trucks and all goods had to be transported during the winter with horse and sleigh. 


Around this time both Röros in Norway and Falun in Sweden had very large coppermines.  They both regularly needed to be supplied with both food and other goods for the mining community; Both Falun and Röros and theese tracks are now listed by UNESCO as worlds heritage. 

Dalarna Femund Forkörarförening is a Swedish/Norvegian Club with the purpose to preserve and spread the knowledge about times gone bye when horses and sleds were essensial for the people living in theese remote areas. We want to give modern people a glimpse of how it was in years gone bye.


This is a way of life enjoyed only by a chosen few.

Take this opportunity and join us!